Saturday, August 3, 2013

4:00 PM - ???

At the Bocoup Loft

Bring food, not drinks

Bring friends, not strangers

A Private Hell

An Occult Gathering to invoke the Primal Forces

Through consumption Hellsauces we shall make ourselves conduits of the Otherworld

This shadowy event shall feature the following:

Modus Operandi

The point here is to celebrate the Deliciousness of hotsauce, and not just hurt yourself. Not at first, anyway. Therefor, I suggest a Tiered Strategy

  1. There will be toothpicks. Stick that thang in the sauce and lick it off. This is the best way to taste a lot of sauces in one night.
  2. If you like it, grab a tortilla chip.
  3. If you really like it, put it on your mac & cheese or whatever food you please
  4. Still need more? Chug it from the bottle, who cares
  5. If you go overboard, we'll have proven remedies of spicemouth

The Sauces

I currently have about 40 sauces that will be organized by hotness and flavor.

The Food

There will definitely be plenty of rich and gooey Cheesemac, as well as spicy snacks such as Blair's kettle chips.

The Beer

This won't be a fancy beer tasting. Spicy food goes well with simple beer. There may be spicy beers, though.


Do you want to win this? Of course you do:

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